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Los Cabos: 7 Things Travelers Need To Know Before Visiting

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Booked your flight and getting ready for an adventure to Los Cabos? You certainly aren't alone. As one of the world's top beach destinations, Los Cabos is no stranger to the spotlight.

But before the fun begins, there are a few things you need to keep in mind for your trip. In this post, we'll cover all things Los Cabos, like:

  • What are the costs for travelers?
  • How friendly are the locals?
  • Things to know about culture and etiquette
  • What are the top attractions?
  • How safe is it?
  • Local food and drinks
  • How good is the wifi?
  • How long can you stay?

Ready? Here are the top 7 things you need to know before visiting Los Cabos, Mexico:

Aerial view of los cabos arch

Did you know… Los Cabos is actually two cities — San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. Both are incredible destinations on the tip of Baja California Sur, and both will offer an incredible getaway for your next vacation!

1) Los Cabos Affordability

Rating: 3 out of 5.

When it comes to travel costs, particularly in Mexico, Los Cabos tends to run on the more costly side. However, take that with a grain of salt, as Los Cabos can be catered to many different budgets, depending on travel needs.

Here are the average costs for travelers:


  • Average hotels: Los Cabos hotels cost around $77, on average, per night for a private room in the city.
  • A luxury all-inclusive like the Grand Velas will cost you about can cost over $2,000 per night depending on the rooms chosen and the number of guests. However, there are budget all-inclusives that can be found for under $400 per night.
  • If you're on a budget: hostels are about $30-$40 a night.
Exterior view of a resort in Los Cabos


Your food budget can really vary in Los Cabos depending on your tastes and interests.

  • A mid-range three-course meal for two in Cabo will set you back about $60.
  • For a cheap meal at an inexpensive restaurant, expect to pay around $12.
  • If you are staying at an all-inclusive, there's no need to worry about food costs!


  • Tickets for buses in Los Cabos are very inexpensive, and travelers can take a bus from Cabo San Lucas to San Jose del Cabo for about $2.
  • Taxi fares in Cabo start at about $4 to $5 and then an additional $4 to $5 per mile after.
  • Ubers are available, though you will not be able to take them to or from the airport.

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Cabo sign with the ocean in the background in Los Cabos

2) Culture And Etiquette In Los Cabos

Check this list before your trip! Here are some of the major Dos and Don'ts in Los Cabos.

  • DO make some friends: Locals in both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are very welcoming and friendly to everyone, especially tourists, and many speak English. Los Cabos relies heavily on tourism, and locals are happy to have tourists visit their wonderful city.
  • DO learn some Spanish: While certainly not a requirement for a great time in Cabo, it is always pleasant for locals and staff to be greeted and thanked in their native Spanish.
  • DO tip: Tipping is normal in Los Cabos, and a good rule to follow is to tip around 10 to 15% of your total bill.
  • DON'T worry about your clothes: When wandering around town, you don't need to worry about your dress too much. As a resort town, Los Cabos is laid back when it comes to dress code. If going for a fancy dinner, however, be sure to check to see if you need to get a bit dressier.
Los cabos restaurant with waiter and guests

3) Top Attractions Los Cabos

  • The Los Cabos Arch: This is one of the most iconic natural structures throughout Mexico. Also called “El Arco de Cabo San Lucas,” it is one of the main tourist attractions in Cabo.
  • Whale Watching: This activity attracts thousands of tourists every year. The season runs from mid-December through April.
  • Medano Beach: This is the most popular beach in Cabo, and perfect for sunning, swimming, and grabbing a bite at one of the many beachfront restaurants.
Whale tail coming out of ocean with cabo in the background

4) How Safe Is It For Tourists?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Los Cabos is considered one of the safest destinations in Mexico, but there are some things that travelers should keep in mind:

  • Beware Of Pickpockets: While rare in Los Cabos, petty crime is pretty much all you need to worry about with regard to safety. Just as anywhere else in the world, tourists tend to be a target for pickpocketing.
  • Don't Swim At All The Beaches: While the beaches in Los Cabos are all beautiful, they are not all good for swimming. El Medano Beach and Playa El Chileno are both great for swimming, but travelers should do some research beforehand.
  • DO get travel insurance: Travel insurance can help in health emergencies as well as with covering the costs of any travel mishaps during your Los Cabos trip. For 5 great options, read more here.
El Medano Beach in Los Cabos

5) Local Eats And Drinks

One of the best parts of travel is checking out the local cuisine. Don't let yourself leave Cabo without trying at least one of the following:


  • Taco al pastor – Pork, pineapple, and spice in a taco. What could be better?
  • Ceviche – Fresh fish served raw with chips or tostadas


  • Margaritas – Where better to get a marg' than Mexico?!
  • Mezcal – For a truly local taste, try this smoky agave-based drink
Friends toasting with margaritas

6) How's the WiFi?

Using Ookla, an internet speed testing service, the average internet speeds in Cabo San Lucas for December 2022 were 47.57mbps download and 24.59mbps upload.

For San Jose del Cabo, the average internet speeds for December 2022 were 47.78mbps download and 20.84mbps upload.

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7) How Long Can I Stay?

Americans traveling to Mexico can stay for up to 180 days on a tourist visa. One thing to note, however, is that the length of validity stamped on your passport is at the discretion of the immigration officer. Also, proof of a ticket or plans to leave the country before the 180-day period is often needed as well.

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