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Malaysia Launches Easy Travel Reopening Application System

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Entry for foreigners into Malaysia just got a lot easier. The government of Malaysia has just launched an easy online application system called ‘My Travel Pass’ for foreigners looking to enter the country.

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Malaysia has been permitting many different categories of foreigners to enter for some time now, but the process for getting official confirmation has been difficult.

Many foreigners looking to travel to Malaysia for legitimate purposes have hit brick walls with trying to contact consulates, embassies and border police, leaving them with no option but to cancel their trip.

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Now with the launch of ‘My Travel Pass’ foreigners looking to enter Malaysia can apply within minutes online and get an email confirmation back if they are eligible to enter or not, simplifying the entire process.

Malaysia’s My Travel Pass system will allow the following categories of travelers to apply online:

  • Reciprocal Green Lane Travellers
  • Periodical Commuting Arrangement Travellers
  • Spouses and Children of Malaysian Residents/Citizens
  • Foreigner Social Visits / PR Residents
  • Foreign Workers
  • Expatriates and Property Owners
  • Malaysian Citizens Returning Home
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My Travel Pass is now open for applications (as of October 8th) and will be the official way foreigners, expats and citizens returning home will apply for entry confirmation, until at least December 31, 2020.

Applications are expected to take 5 business days to either be approved or denied, of which an email will be sent directly to the applicant outlining the decision.

My Travel Pass also tells the applicant in detail what other restrictions and entry requirements might be requested if their application is approved, like PCR testing or quarantines for example.

The types of travelers the My Travel Pass is allowing applications from is further defined as:

Reciprocal Green Lane Travelers

Legal residents of Singapore, who need to make single-entry essential travel including for business and official purposes in Malaysia

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Periodical Commuting Arrangement Travelers

Citizens and permanent residents of Singapore who hold Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) for business or work purposes in Malaysia.

Spouses and Children of Malaysian Residents/Citizens

Legally married partners/spouses and/or children of Malaysian citizens and/or permanent residents of Malaysia.

Foreigner Social Visits / PR Residents

Permanent Residents who were out of the country during the border closure, Business meetings and official business purposes and social visit purpose including compassionate ground (medical / emergency and death).

Foreign Workers

For full time employment in Malaysia; application to be made by the employer only.

Expatriates and Property Owners

For expats who have property in Malaysia, or expats who live in Malaysia who have been stranded abroad since the closures.

Malaysia allowing foreigners

Missing from the My Travel Pass online system are students and medical tourism travelers. Both categories of visitors may still be permitted into Malaysia at this time, but will have to contact immigration directly, instead of the online application.

At this time, the My Travel Pass system does not have any available applications for general tourism, as it is not expected to return to Malaysia until 2021.

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