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Man Arrested After Installing SPY CAMERA in Plane Bathroom on United

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A UNITED Airlines passenger was arrested after he was allegedly caught installing a hidden camera in the first class bathroom of the plane so he could film fellow travellers and flight crew.

Choon Ping Lee, a Halliburton employee and native Malaysian is facing charges of video voyeurism regarding an incident that happened on flight 646 from San Diego to Houston on May 5th. 

A woman flying first class on the flight went to the bathroom and “noticed an item with a blue blinking light” that was “located near the cabinet and wall area close to a door hinge,” according to the complaint.

Man arrested camera

After the woman spotted the blinking light, the woman grabbed the item with a paper towel and gave it to a member of the flight crew. 

Once the plane landed, the flight crew turned over the camera to airport officials that quickly determined the device was for video recording. It was then handed over to the FBI. 

FBI agents were able to identify the clothing and accessories worn by the person who installed the creepy camera in the United Bathroom KHOU reported. 

FBI San Diego and the Houston Police Department managed to locate the man in question and matched his outfit to Lee, who was also sitting in first class on United Airlines flight 646.

united airlines plane

Authorities also found deleted videos on the device from a previous Emirates Airlines flight. The files included illicit footage of a flight attendant, according to the complaint.

Lee was identified as an employee at Halliburton, which provided previous work itineraries, including business travel on Emirates Airlines.

Choon Ping has been charged with video voyeurism in the United States and faces up to one year in prison for the offense. 

The company issued the following statement to ABC 13

"Halliburton is aware of the situation and is cooperating with the FBI and U.S. Attorney's office in their investigation. We have a robust Code of Business Conduct and expect every employee to abide by the standards contained in the Code and all applicable laws."

In another horrifying incident earlier this year, over 1600 guests were secretly filmed in their hotel rooms and live streamed online. 


There are ways to protect yourself from being illicitly filmed. In an excusive article earlier this year we detailed methods on how to find hidden cameras in your hotel or Airbnb.

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