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Mazatlán Comedy Club – A must-do for expats and visitors

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When I mention the expat lifestyle in Mazatlán, most people envision walking up and down the sandy beach, having a margarita while watching the sunset over the ocean, or hearing Banda play traditional songs along the malecon.

What most people wouldn’t imagine being a part of Mazatlán’s lifestyle is a stand-up comedy club, but that is all about to change

I first heard about Mazatlán’s comedy club just a few weeks after I arrived in the city. I struck up a conversation with Cheryl Gaudet, the clubs founder and organizer, and she invited me to come and see the show.

I learned from Cheryl that this season marks the 6th anniversary for the Mazatlán Comedy Club, which is impressive to say the least.

Mazatlan Comedy club Season 6

On November 17th I went down to the Hotel Playa Mazatlán, which is home to all of the Comedy Club’s performances, and had one of the best evenings of entertainment I’ve experienced in a while. It was such a refreshing break from the usual ‘Mexico expat’ type of activities and I saw first-hand why it’s become so popular.

Here is my review of the Mazatlán Comedy Club, a bit of its history, plus everything you need to know about catching the next show.

Mazatlán Comedy Club Review

From start to finish the staff and organizers of the comedy club have got hospitality down to a science. The whole crew including Cheryl and Lance Vient (director of operations at the hotel) are waiting at the door to personally greet you and welcome you to the show.

Hotel Playa Mazatlan at night

I arrived to the Hotel Playa Mazatlán just shortly after the doors opened to find mostly everyone already there! I can see this crowd likes to come right on time to fully enjoy the buffet and open bar, and who can blame them?

Salon de venados theatre playa maztlan hotel

The Buffet Menu

Each show has a different menu, which is especially nice for all the regulars who catch every show of the season. Here is what they served on November 17th:

  • Citrus and dried fruit salad
  • Cream cheese with mushroom sprouts
  • Fried rice
  • Garlic cambray potato with parsley
  • Mixed vegetables with rosemary butter
  • Steamed broccoli with peppers
  • Breaded fish fillet with almonds
  • Chicken breast in aurora sauce with thyme
  • Porto top sirloin
  • Pork leg in mustard sauce
  • Fusilli with tomato pesto
  • Black Forest cake
  • Stuffed Profiteroles
  • Guava Pie
  • Flavor jelly
  • Rice pudding

There is plenty of time to go back for seconds, or do what I did, and load a towering plate of desserts because we all know calories don’t count at events like this.

The waiter assigned to my table always came by frequently to see if I needed a top up.

The Show

At promptly 7:00pm the show began with none other than Cheryl Gaudet herself performing a song she wrote called ‘Mazatlán Sunset’. It was the perfect opening act and has become somewhat of a theme song for the club.

Murray Valentino - stand up comedian

The first comic up was Murray Valentino who had just recovered from open heart surgery, but somehow managed to make some hilariously funny jokes around the whole ordeal.

Mike Siegel - stand up comedian

The second comic was Mike Siegel, which was a crazy coincidence for me personally. Earlier this year I was actually a guest on his LA based podcast called ‘Travel Tales’, then I moved to Mazatlán of all places, and here he was… performing on stage in my new Mexican hometown. (What are the chances of that?) He had me in absolute stitches the entire set.

I have to mention that both of these guys are world-class comics. If you haven’t heard of their names before already, once you see them live you’ll fully understand what I mean. This isn’t the kind of show that puts uncle Jerry on stage because he makes people at the office laugh with his slap-stick water cooler routine.

mazatlán comedy club review and information

Both Murray and Mike are the real deal. Murray has written for shows like Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon, and headlined and opened shows for David Spade and Kevin Pollack. Mike has been seen performing on shows like The Last Comic Standing, The Late Late Show, and Comedy Showcase and has hosted his own shows on networks like HGTV.

It’s important to Cheryl that she only books the best talent for the Comedy Club, so get ready to have your socks knocked off by the hilarious headliners.

What I personally liked about both of the comics sets was how much interaction they both had with the audience. I found it utterly hilarious when people got called out for the funniest of reasons, as did the rest of the attendees.

If you want to get heckled, or even have the chance to interact a little with the comedians, do us all a favour and sit near the stage.

How to buy tickets for Mazatlan Comedy Club

After The Show

After the show I sat down with Cheryl to learn more about her and the club.

Cheryl is from a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada just a few miles from where my father was born, and where both my parents now live and run an art gallery.

She has spent her life devoted to the arts, primarily singing, song writing, recording and producing music, so I was curious on what inspired her to create a comedy club in the coastal paradise of Mazatlán.

I got into comedy because I had been diagnosed with Menier's Disease (severe vertigo/hearing loss) which was making it impossible for me to perform. One night while brainstorming with my friend Eric Streit he suggested I start a comedy club since I had a background in founding and producing a very successful Folk Festival in Ontario back in the 90s. He introduced me to a few comics for the first show and I met with several hotel owners including Lance Vient at Hotel Playa Mazatlán who loved the idea and agreed to co-produce the Mazatlán Comedy Club in the hotel’s gorgeous 350 seat showroom , the Salon de Venados.

Cheryl Gaudet mazatlán comedy club

From Cheryl’s bright idea to get involved with the arts from a different angle, the show is now celebrating it’s 6th season and is only growing in popularity.

Each season runs from November to March, during Mazatlán’s ‘high season’ for expats and visitors, with one show running per month.

Do I Recommend The Show?


After experiencing the Mazatlán Comedy Club first-hand, I can say with full confidence that this is something you should absolutely attend. Like I had mentioned before, being in the audience for a live comedy show is such a refreshing change of scenery from the usual ‘beach life’ routine residents and visitors can easily get trapped inside. No matter if you are just a couple looking to spice up date night, or if you’re a large group in town for a family vacation, the Mazatlán Comedy Club should be on your list.

… the next show

Wanna catch the next show? It’s happening on Sunday December 15th and there are still some tickets left.

Because food motivates the majority of my life decisions, I asked Cheryl what is on the menu for the next show on December 15th. Here’s what they are serving:

  • Christmas salad
  • Cream of shrimp with zucchini soup
  • Rice with banana and almonds
  • Cauliflower au gratin with yellow cheese
  • Penne pasta with alfredo sauce
  • Sauteed mixed julienne veggies
  • Roasted garlic potato
  • Roasted top sirloin with fine herbs
  • Turkey in cranberry sauce with caramelized apple
  • Pork leg in plum sauce
  • Fish fillet in Florentine sauce
  • Apple strudel
  • Cheesecake
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Jello
  • Rice pudding

I'm already drooling…

The rest of the 2019-2020 Lineup

2019 - 2020 lineup for mazatlán comedy club

December 15th

Maureen Langan & Bobby Tessel

January 19th

Jeff Capri & Julie Kidd

February 16th

Corny Rempel (as Elvis Presley)

March 15th

Michael Mancini & Christine Little

All shows happen on a Sunday evening. The doors open at 5:30pm with the buffet ready to go, show starts at 7:00pm.

How to get tickets 


Head down to the Hotel Playa Mazatlán and ask for Ana Ramos in the admin office. She speaks fluent English and Spanish. She is there Mon-Fri 9:00am to 4:00pm and Saturday 9:00am to Noon.

Reserve online or by phone

You can email Ana at or call her at 669-989-0555

How much are tickets?

Tickets are 700 pesos and they only take cash

Tips & things you should know

  • Inside the theatre is air-conditioned, so bring a sweater if you usually get cold
  • There is a short 10-15 minute intermission in between the comics
  • The show ends around 9:00pm
  • Yes, it is an open bar
  • The price of the ticket does not include tipping your wait staff. Be nice and leave a cash tip at the end of the night
  • If you want to get heckled, sit in section A near the front of the stage
  • The comics perform acts that are on the cleaner side of things (but still 100% hilarious!), so don’t worry about being stuck in an uncomfortable type of show
Murray Valentino performing at the Mazatlán comedy club

For more info about the Mazatlán Comedy Club you can head to their official website
Hope to see you at the next show!