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The Canadian Government Issues Travel Advisory for Thailand

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The Canadian government has issued a new travel advisory for Thailand after a Canadian man fell to his death from a zipline in Chiang Mai. The advisory states to “Only undertake adventure sports, such as zip-lining and rock climbing, with a well-established and reputable company that has insurance.”

It goes on to say that “Tour operators may not adhere to international standards.” 

"If you have any doubt concerning the safety of the installation or equipment, refrain from using them. Ensure that the recreational activities you choose are covered by your travel insurance."

Thailand travel warning adventure sports
Adventure sports while traveling may not be covered by your travel insurance

The new travel advisory under safety and security while traveling to Thailand includes advice on adventure tourism: 

  • Never travel alone
  • Inform someone of your plans
  • Ensure you are physically fit for the challenge
  • Hire an experienced guide
  • Only use a reputable company
  • Get travel insurance that includes helicopter and medical evacuation
  • Never leave marked trails
  • Ensure you have the proper equipment are are dressed for the conditions
adventure tourism thailand warning
Always inform somone of your travel plans

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