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These Are The Airlines With The Best In-Flight Economy Experience In The U.S.

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The flight experience is important for travelers, even when traveling low-cost, sometimes it is worth paying a few extra dollars for more comfort in the cabin and better overall service, especially during long flights. 

A new study performed by Upgradepoints will help travelers choose the best economy airline experience. The report shows a ranking of the best in-flight services considering six categories: 

  • Entertainment
  • Amenities
  • Comfort
  • COVID-19 safe
  • Food
  • Drinks

The experts analyzed the air travel experience for 11 major US airlines and ranked them according to the performance per each category and provided a final score. 

These are the economy airlines in the United States that provide the best in-flight experience in 2022 according to the study:

1. Alaska Airlines

This airline not only recently launched 5 new routes for the summer, but is also providing American travelers with the best in-flight experience. The carrier got the highest score in the amenities category and also a great score regarding drinks. 

The category that got the lowest result was covid safe where the company received 40 points out of 100. In total, Alaska Airlines got 66.8.

2. JetBlue Airways

This major low-cost airline almost got first place, its final score was 66.8. The experts considered that the carrier provides very good service regarding amenities, comfort, and drinks, but entertainment and covid safe have room for improvement. 

3. Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines, one of the World’s oldest airlines, got third place but the report showed that this carrier offers travelers the best entertainment on board. This carrier provides the best options —screens, TV shows, movies, games— for time-passing amusement. 

4. United Airlines

The major US airline—headquartered in Chicago— got a final score of 50.7 over 100. This carrier doesn’t offer any outstanding category or special recognition and its worst score was comfort which got 32.5 points. 

5. American Airlines

The popular carrier with the largest fleet in the world got 5th place. The best scores were assigned to amenities and drinks, while covid safe only got 10 points out of 100. American Airlines, which recently announced 8 new routes for fall and winter, could also improve comfort.

6. Hawaiian Airlines

In sixth place with a score of 48.2 is Hawaiian Airlines. This carrier got 0 in amenities and only 14.5 regarding entertainment. This might improve soon considering that the carrier will soon become the first airline in the United States to provide high-speed internet for free.

7. Sun Country Airlines

The ultra-low-cost carrier got 0 points in amenities and covid safe, but good results in food and drinks. They also got 60 points in entertainment whereas other popular airlines got 0. Sun Country Airlines’ final score was 44.4 out of 100.

8. Southwest Airlines

The major airline considered the world’s largest low-cost carrier, got an eighth place with a score of 40.6 out of 100. Southwest got 0 points in amenities but earned the recognition for the best refreshment options in-flight. 

9. Frontier Airlines

The popular low-cost carrier has a reputation for cheap flights but few benefits and got 24.7 out of 100 with 0 points for amenities and entertainment. Its highest score was 55 for food. Its cheap flight prices need to make it to passengers.

10 Spirit Airlines

Another ultra-low-cost airline in the United States with a low final score: 20.2 over 100. Spirit and Frontier got very similar scores, but Spirit’s beverage options are worse and got 8.5 points over 100 in this category. Maybe if both airlines finally merge to become one huge ultra-low-cost airline, both companies can improve service and rank up in this index.

11. Allegiant Air

And finally, the worst service among the top economy airlines in the United States is provided by Allegiant. Its final score was 15.9 with 0 points in entertainment and amenities, and also low scores in food and drinks.

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Thursday 21st of July 2022

If they can take out the seats and put you in the airplane like a pack of sardines, they will do it for the sake of their bottom line. In addition, these airlines limit things you can take with you. I believe that is the American way and plus the plandemic made traveling worst with these airlines. They are all the same.


Thursday 21st of July 2022

Econony airlines in title, first paragraph low-cost you're referring to budeget airlines. Then you list every airline...most of which are not budget airlines..