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Top 10 Museums in Mexico City You Don’t Want To Miss

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When visiting Mexico City, one of the largest cities in the world that offers tourists a wide variety of attractions, you'll find so many iconic sites and attractions. The museums are one of the best places to spend an entertaining, fun, and cultural day. Here's a list of our top ten recommendations.

National Museum of Anthropology

This museum is a key piece of Mexican cultural heritage, showing in its different exhibitions the nation's origins. Getting to know its halls, you will learn about the nomadic tribes, the Olmec, Mayan, Zapotec, Toltec, Teotihuacan, and Mexica or Aztec cultures. From the time you arrive at the museum and gaze at the tree in the central courtyard with its engravings of eagles and jaguars, you will be dazzled. The most famous piece is the Sun Stone, popularly called the Aztec Calendar, a 25-ton monolith dating back to the fifteenth century.

Soumaya Museum

This wonderful Soumaya museum in Plaza Carso has a unique and innovative architecture, an asymmetrical silver structure of smooth shapes, similar to the sculptural work of Rodin, with 46 meters high and 16,000 hexagonal aluminum plates. The collections include European Old Masters, with Italian, French, German, and Spanish artistic works from the fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries. There are works of New Hispanic and South American art and an exhibition by the master Auguste Rodin, the second-largest in the world outside of France.

Frida Kahlo Museum

Also known as “La Casa Azul,” this beautiful museum will allow you to tour what was once the home of artist Frida Kahlo, where you can admire the strong relationship between Frida, her artistic work, and her home. The house's interior will show you a warm and receptive atmosphere, with beautiful decorative colors and rustic furniture, where you can contemplate several of the paintings made by the artist and continue to be an icon of Mexican culture.

Diego Rivera Mural Museum

Here you'll find one of the most outstanding works of the talented Mexican muralist Diego Rivera, “Dream of a Sunday afternoon in the Alameda Central,” an artistic work so important that it has been restored, preserved over the years, and protected with great effort. This magnificent work displays Mexican history in a period that goes from the time of the Conquest until the year 1940. You'll also observe the different representative buildings of the city, such as the Monument to the Revolution, the Bank of Mexico, the Plaza de Toros, kiosks, and fountains of those beautiful times.

National History Museum

Located inside the incredible Chapultepec Castle, this museum has more than 90 thousand objects and pieces representing the historical heritage of the Mexican people. You will find these pieces classified into paintings, documents, technology, clothing, and furniture.  The experience offered by this museum goes beyond its collection. It starts when you climb the hill; you'll feel that you're traveling through a time when the castle was a symbol of power, elegance, and beauty.

Templo Mayor Museum

A tour of the Templo Mayor of Tenochtitlan, the city of the Aztec people, is undoubtedly a unique and unforgettable experience, which you can only live in this spectacular museum. Meet the ancient Mexica gods, such as Tlaloc, god of rain, or Huitzilopochtli, god of war and patron of the Mexica people. With more than 7,000 objects recovered during the excavations carried out on the site, this museum is a jewel of pre-Hispanic history, where you'll learn all about the culture, customs, and society of the Aztec civilization.

Memory and Tolerance Museum

A place that invites you to remember, reflect, be critical and think about ways to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. The Memory and Tolerance Museum has two areas: Memory Area, an exhibition about the genocides carried out from the twentieth century, among which the Holocaust stands out, which will make this part of the museum flooded with mixed feelings; and the Tolerance Area, in which visitors are invited to meditate on issues such as tolerance, dialogue, human rights, discrimination, the media and its influence on society, and the tremendous cultural diversity of Mexico.

National Art Museum

In this outstanding museum, you'll find exhibitions of works of Mexican art, which were produced between the second half of the sixteenth century and 1954, offering you a global and straightforward perspective of the Mexican artistic history of that time. You will also be able to find out about the museum's conservation and study projects as part of its social work.  The museum building is a clear example of twentieth-century Mexican architecture. The tours allow visitors to observe different artistic styles, philosophical currents, and the contributions of national artists.

Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art displays around three thousand paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings, and engravings spanning from 1920 to date. You can enjoy various temporary exhibitions that show the work of contemporary artists. The halls of the museum are divided according to the creation dates. The architecture of the museum and its setting offer an environment of reflection and peace, allowing you to enjoy all its works fully.

Franz Mayer Museum

The Franz Mayer Museum focuses mainly on decorative and design artistic works. Here you will find a permanent exhibition in which everyday objects that have been embellished are shown, thus bringing together the two main qualities of the decorative arts: utility and beauty. The main collection that you'll see is from Franz Mayer, and it's made up of decorative pieces from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries. In addition to Mayer's exhibition, the museum includes the Ruth Lechuga collection, with 10,000 handicrafts, and the Paalen collection, with 93 pieces, mainly oils, and drawings.

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