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Tourists Face Mass Flight Cancelations In Cancun And Other Mexico Hotspots

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In a new chapter of the ongoing Omicron saga, Mexico is the latest country to be hit with a wave of mass flight cancelations as more crew calls in sick, threatening the vacation plans of millions flying into popular tourism hotspots across the Mayan heartland.

Mirroring a trend first witnessed in the United States during the busy December holidays, Mexico could be seeing a bumpy season ahead as it currently grapples with grounded flights and staff shortages.

Passengers Transiting Cancun Airport

Omicron One Of The Leading Causes Behind Mass Cancelations In Mexico's Busiest Airport

One of the worst affected transport hubs, the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) axed a shocking 235 flights from January 5 to 9 only. In a growing list of affected airlines, flag-carrier Aeroméxico tops the tally with 210 canceled flights.

Woman Upset At Canceled Flight

In a statement regarding the cancelation spree, AICM cited that the rapidly evolving Covid situation has affected aviation in the whole world, and the main reason behind the major disruption in Mexico City is affected personnel.

An airport spokesperson reminded travelers that the pandemic “affects all activities” and that the administration are “doing their best to keep operations going in the airport”.

Travelers Checking Into Flight At Mexico City Airport

Every year, millions of international passengers land in AICM hoping to witness Mexico City's colonial grandeur and visit the nearby, mystical Mesoamerican city of Teotihuacan.

AICM is also Mexico's busiest commercial airport, which signals travelers transiting other hubs are definitely not immune to having their holidays impacted. In fact, Cancun tourists have also been facing flight cancelations.

Ancient City Of Teotihuacan In Mexico

What Is The Situation In Tourism Hotspots Like Cancun And Quintana Roo?

As a coastal and culturally-diverse country, Mexico is the ideal destination for both History enthusiasts and beachgoers. Other than Mexico City, millions flock into the Riviera Maya to enjoy sunny breaks and seek archeological sites.

Unfortunately, American and Canadian travelers to the region are susceptible to facing cancelations in the upcoming days as the Omicron domino effect reaches Mexico's westernmost shores.

Passengers Leaving Cancun Airport

The region's hospitality has bore the brunt of the wave, with world-class restaurants in Cancun operating at reduced capacity, beach events in Quintana Roo called off and bars and nightclubs closed.

As Omicron-related travel disruption spills into Mexico's beloved resort areas, vacationers to Cancun should remain vigilant and constantly check for epidemiological risks and subsequent flight updates.

Aerial View Of Cancun

As the Aviators' Union Association warned, the number of infected pilots requiring self isolation is expected to rise in the coming days, indicating it might be a while until Cancun-bound passengers are out of the woods.

Travelers should also note that, as Omicron becomes dominant and new variants such as the IHU lurk on the horizon, the risks of testing positive while on a trip to Mexico are higher than they were before. In the unfortunate scenario where that happens, find out to proceed and arrange isolation accommodation with your own hotel clicking here.

Aerial View Of Cancun Resort

In light of the extremely volatile situation with Omicron, with more and more countries enacting new requirements at very-short notice, we also advise all of our readers to secure Covid travel insurance before flying and refer to the CDC webpage for official travel guidance.

What Are The Rules For Traveling to Mexico From The U.S., Canada And Rest Of The World?

Tourists from the United States, Canada and all other nations are allowed to enter Mexico with no pre-departure testing required and irrespective of vaccination status, making it one of the most traveler-friendly countries in the Covid era.

Friends Traveling In Mexico

Additionally, no quarantine is required of visitors, who are allowed to explore Mexico's pristine beaches and heritage sites immediately after landing.

The North American giant also boasts one of the best connectivity in the world right now, with multiple non-stop flights operating between major cities in the United States and Canada to popular destinations such as Mexico City and Cancun. Recently, new direct flights linking Miami to Chetumal were also launched.

Mahahual Caribbean Beach in Costa Maya

As for regional mandates, each Mexican state has the autonomy to implement Covid requirements as they deem fit, including mandatory mask wearing, that may differ from neighboring regions.

Tourists must comply with state-specific requirements throughout the entirety of their stay in Mexico, especially when crossing from one state to another.

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Wednesday 12th of January 2022

It is unfortunate. Aeromexico had to cancel many domestic flights (check their website for updates)

Always plan for any contingency. Try to avoid connecting flights.

As most flights go thru CDMX, plan on staying in CDMX anyway, great big city. Passport Control (Migracion) is the biggest delay - takes 1 to 2+ hours

good and inexpensive CDMX Airport hotels: HotelesMX and CityExpress



Wednesday 12th of January 2022

Interesting that 90% of the canceled flights affects Aeromexico only and in Mexico City airport only (No data given for other airports). Does the virus only attack pilots in Mexico City working for Aeromexico? Or is it because Aeromexico pilots are vaccinated?


Wednesday 12th of January 2022

Really hope our flight from Europe next week is not cancelled...