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U.S. Issues ‘Do Not Travel’ Advisories For Greece, Ireland and Malta

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As part of its ongoing efforts to keep American travelers around the world safe, the US has issued updated travel guidance once more – this time coming in the form of Level 4 “Do Not Travel” advisories for the European countries of Greece, Ireland and Malta.

The most severe level of travel warning that the US Department of State can issue, the three nations join an ever-growing list of countries that the US is warning against travel to, as levels of Covid-19 continue to rise once more around the globe. Here’s everything you need to know about these warnings, plus a look at which other countries have also been handed a “Do Not Travel” warning by the US.

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Greece At Level 4 – Information For Travelers

According to the Department of State’s Greece travel page, travelers should not travel to the country due to the high level of Covid-19 it is currently experiencing. The country had previously been designated as a Level 3 country back in June, with the deterioration of the situation in Greece leading to the country being reclassified as a Level 4 country on August 2nd. After spending much of June reporting fewer than 1,000 new daily cases, the past month or so has seen new case levels explode once more, reporting in excess of 4,000 new cases in a day last week.

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The news is bound to come as a blow to Greece, which had earned plaudits for its efforts to try and reopen tourism as quickly as possible. The reclassification of the threat level by the US coincides with the country implementing changes to their domestic restrictions in order to curb the spread of the virus, such as introducing vaccine passports for those who wish to visit bars or restaurants.

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‘Do Not Travel’ To Ireland – What Travelers Should Know

Ireland’s reclassification as a Level 4 country also comes following the resurgence of Covid-19 on its shores. After months of reporting fewer than 1,000 daily cases of Covid-19, the past two weeks has seen the country breach this barrier on several occasions, leading to a re-think of the safety of visiting the country. The country had recently reopened their bars and pubs, limiting access to only those who have been vaccinated with the use of vaccine passports. The reclassification comes just after Ireland had recently opened its doors to American travelers once more on July 19th; travelers are still able to visit the country despite the State Department’s recommendations.

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Level 4 Malta – Information For Travelers

Malta has also made the leap from a Level 3 country to a Level 4 country due to the rise in the levels of Covid-19 in the country. Whilst the previous two week period has seen a fall from over 200 daily cases to just 80, it still represents a significant jump from the single-digit figures the country was reporting at the start of July. Malta recently reopened to US travelers last month, and so the island will be hoping the reclassification doesn’t affect their tourism figures too much.

Malta Boats

Other Countries At Level – Updates For Travelers

Greece, Ireland and Malta weren’t the only countries to be moved onto Level 4 yesterday. Also making the move were:

Syria, Marshall Islands, Libya, Lesotho, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Iran, Haiti, French West Indies, Curacao, Andorra

tropical Curacao

Whilst the US will not forcibly prevent travelers from heading to these or any other Level 4 countries, travelers should ensure they read the full travel advisory notices for any country they are visiting in order to make an educated decision about whether or not to travel there.

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Wednesday 4th of August 2021

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