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Denmark Becomes The 24th Country To Remove All Entry Requirements

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Jumping on the recent European trend of scrapping all Covid regulation at the borders, Denmark has just become the 24th country in the world to remove all entry requirements.

Now, travelers from every other nation can again visit Denmark under pre-pandemic rules, while inside the country all social curbs, including mandatory vaccine passes and mask usage, no longer apply as well.

Group Of Female Travelers In Copenhagen, Denmark

All Are Welcome Under The Same Rules, Vaccinated Or Not

The Scandinavian hotspot is one of many in Europe relaxing travel rules lately, and has quickly followed its neighbour Sweden and the Eastern nation of Poland, which have both abolished Covid restrictions this week.

With several non-stop flights currently operating between North America and Copenhagen, traveling to Denmark has never been easier for Americans.

Panoramic View Of Aarhus, Denmark

As shown on the Danish Government's Covid Regulations website, there are no Covid-related requirements that apply to visitors arriving in the country from abroad.

This includes all third country nationals (non-Europeans) visiting from outside the European Union and the Schengen Zone. As of March 29, all are welcome without pre-departure testing, post-arrival testing, or quarantine, irrespective of vaccination status.

Tourists Biking Through Copenhagen, Denmark

Previously, only vaccinated foreigners were allowed to bypass the pre-departure testing requirement, while those yet to be immunized had to present a negative test within 24 hours of traveling.

As Denmark joins others in Europe in treating Covid as an endemic disease and fully returns to normal, there is no longer vaccination discrimination at the external borders, with non-immunized individuals allowed to enter freely once more.

Couple Embracing While Strolling The Streets Of Copenhagen Denmark

No Masks, Covid Passes Or Testing Once Inside Denmark

Inside Denmark, there are also no active Covid restrictions, such as the mandatory use of face masks, indoors or outdoors, including public transportation. Visitors are also no longer required to present a valid vaccination certificate or get tested in order to enter venues such as bars, restaurants, clubs, museums and others.

However, as stated on the official website, they may still be expected to wear masks or present a valid Covid certificate when boarding planes or visiting certain institutions, such as social institutions or hospitals.

Group Of Women Taking A Selfie In Copenhagen Denmark

While the scrapping of rules is valid nationwide, the Danish government notes private institutions are allowed to set out their own requirements regarding mask usage and Covid passes.

Officially though, the unvaccinated do not face restrictions when entering Denmark or traveling between Danish cities. Whether it is a city break in the colourful Copenhagen or the charming Aarhus, all Americans – and other foreign nationals – can again visit the Viking homeland totally hassle-free, as it had been prior to March 2020.

Panoramic View Of The Historical Center Of Copenhagen Denmark

Do These Same Rules Apply To Other Nations Within The Kingdom Of Denmark?

While in continental Denmark Covid curbs no longer exist, other rules may apply to other nations within the Danish kingdom, such as the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

When entering Greenland from Denmark or any other destination, travelers must still present a vaccination pass. These rules are valid through June 2, 2022, regardless of the more relaxed approach taken by other Danish nations.

Panoramic View Of Colourful Houses In A Snowy Landscape In Greenland, Kingdom Of Denmark

All Of Scandinavia Again Fully Open For Tourism

Within the Scandinavian Peninsula, all three participating countries have now axed all Covid rules. They are Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. When traveling between these three countries, foreigners will not face restrictions of any sort.

Although not geographically in Scandinavia, the island-nation of Iceland is also closely linked to the Viking World and has also removed all entry requirements recently.

Male Hiker In Red Jacket Overlooking Studlagil Basalt Canyon In Iceland

Neighboring the Scandinavian Peninsula, the Nordic country of Finland has also relaxed entry rules. Despite not going as far as its neighbors, it scrapped testing for vaccinated Americans last month.

Additionally, if hoping to visit Finland while traveling through Scandinavia, unvaccinated Americans can still enter testing-free so long as they have entered via Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, or any other Schengen entry point.

Pine Tress In The Swedish Lapland On The Border With Finland And Norway In Arctic Scandinavia

What About Travel To The Rest Of Europe?

The Schengen Area is a borderless zone in Europe comprising 26 countries, including Denmark. This means that, once a traveler has cleared customs in Copenhagen, they are not subject to further passport checks when traveling to any other destination within the Schengen space.

Other popular European hotspots such as Spain and Italy, which have both eased restrictions as well, are also in Schengen. Despite the relaxation of rules, we still advise our readers to take out travel insurance prior to traveling.

Female Photographer Wearing A Mask In Europe, Blurred Old City In The Background

In recent weeks, a new potentially disruptive variant emerged. Even though the new threat does not seem to be slowing down Europe's reopening plan, the World Health Organization has already issued a stark warning against the total lifting of restrictions.

American citizens can stay in the Schengen Area (including Denmark) for 90 days out of every 180-day period visa-free. Any stay in any country in Schengen counts towards the 90-day limit, so visitors are advised to check their entry stamps and make sure they calculate their own intended stay so to avoid breaking immigration rules.

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Wednesday 30th of March 2022

American citizens can actually spend 90 days in Schengen + 90 days in Denmark, but would need to leave to a country outside Schengen if they do that. I.e spend 90 days traveling mainland Europe, go to Denmark for up to 90 more days, then fly to England.


Wednesday 30th of March 2022

It's not clear to me Khashlee regarding EU wide travel. Are you stating or implying one can enter Germany for example even if they have more stringent entry rules as long as one has entered any other EU country beforehand? TIA


Wednesday 30th of March 2022

the power of Jante Law! Thinking for yourself!

That's why Scandinavia is at the forefront of "opposing covid theater / restrictions" among Europe.

Sweden of course in the beginning was defying the whole world pretty much.

See which countries are the LEAST corrupt on the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index...

Slightly different reason in other countries that have stayed more free - like Mexico, Costa Rica, or some E.Europe ...but as a region, Scandinavia stands out.

Breanna Garay

Wednesday 30th of March 2022

Umm this happened February 17, 2022... Why make it sound like this just happened?

Kashlee Kucheran

Wednesday 30th of March 2022

They removed most of them back in Feb, but they still had some in place that didn't qualify them for this list, including a post-arrival test from third-party countries. Now they finally qualify completely for this list.